Manukau Institute of Technology Trades Academy Prize Giving

Congratulation to the following Mangere College students that received top awards at the Manukau Institute of Technology Trades Academy prize-giving.  These students received these Vocational Pathways awards.

Simon Chand                     Excellence Award in Electrical

Maria Sagisagi                    Excellence Award in Plumbing

Terongo Daniels                Diligence Award in Plumbing

Vocational Pathway Health Pathways Award We would also like to congratulate Adrienne Siloi for receiving an award at the NZ Career College/Academy of Vocational Studies award ceremony.



YWCA visit our Yr 10 Finance class

Our Year 10 Finance classes were visited by Sau, Lucy and Bridget from YWCA on 19 November 2015.  It was a very valuable presentation, that taught our students how to be  – Money Savvy!!  They learned many things including:  the basics of how to stay out of debt (13% of 18-25 year olds are declared bankrupt), being aware of credit cards that will be offered to them once they turn 18, being aware of buy now pay later – which can turn out to be –  buy now, pay 4x as much!… scams!  And peer pressure from Facebook to purchase things they don’t need! The students learned to shop around for the best interest rate for their savings, planning for their retirement etc… The students realised what a lot of temptations they had to spend, spend, spend instead of save, save and invest.  Thank you YWCA for the lessons learnt.  Our Mangere College students are now a lot more Money Savvy!




BIG Thank You – Cavalier Bremworth

The staff and students of Mangere College would like to thank Cavalier Bremworth for kindly donating carpet for our Senior Common Room. They also offered their services to fit and install the carpet which was greatly appreciated. The new carpet has given the room a real ‘lift’ and the students will certainly enjoy using the room and its facilities.


carpet carpet02

Community invitation to fare well Mr Heyes

Staff and Students of Mangere College would like to extend an invitation to our school community; families, former students and friends, to join us in fare welling long-serving Principal, Mr John Heyes, on Monday the 2nd of November at 1.30pm in the school auditorium. We would appreciate it if guests could be seated by 1.15pm.

‘It’s Not Ok’ Day

Mangere College says No to Family Violence.

Family Violence It’s Not OK Day is happening at Mangere College today.
At interval the kids are set to play against the Police in a volleyball game.
At lunch we have free pumpkin soup served in the quad outside the Deans office and live music in the Hot Spot.
The juniors are having a special assembly after lunch where they will learn more about what family violence is and how to seek help.

Student services photo

Student Services – You can lean on us.

Your school has been nominated …. Please vote

Congratulations, your school has been nominated to win $5,000 worth of technology. The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Education and Social Work is running an exciting competition called #MyTeacherMoment. This competition is focused on raising the perception of teaching as a career, while celebrating the great work teachers are doing in schools and their communities.

People can enter the competition by sharing their most inspiring or memorable moment with a teacher via a photo, video, or words. They then nominate a school or early childhood centre they want to win.

Mangere College has been nominated twice and, as of today, has a total of 7 votes. The votes are particularly important because every vote is an extra entry into the competition. The winner will be chosen at random so the more votes you have, the more chance your school has at winning.

Here are your school’s entries

I encourage you to share this with parents, teachers, whanau, friends – everyone and anyone – so they can vote for your school too. People have until 4.59pm on August 24 to either enter or vote.

You can view all of the entries by going to the ‘View Entries’ tab on this page:

Good luck, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

MIT Engineering Experience Day

On Tuesday 23 June, Jason Lackay and I (Junior Tepepe Papau) attended a MIT Engineering Experience Day. Our day involved designing and constructing a bridge out of straws, ice block sticks and duct tape. We bound them together using hot glue. Our main inspiration was the harbour bridge design. Our bridge came in 2nd place for kinetic construction, but was placed 1st for looks and features. Overall, we had an awesome time at the Manukau Institute of Technology.

Jason Lackay and Junior Papau



Was awarded the ‘Educator of the Year Tangata Tiriti Award’ at the ACE (Adult & Community Education Aotearoa) Conference which was held on Wednesday, 17 June at Te Papa in Wellington.
This award recognises an individual for outstanding service in, and contribution to, the development and delivery of adult and community education. It is intended to be a tribute for outstanding work in teaching, training, administration, or a combination of these.

Level 3 business studies

Three groups from level 3 business studies class have created their small business Facebook page to promote their products.

Below are the names and the links of their company Facebook pages:










YES Company Name JeanSouth D.R.E.A.M SHOKCOVERS
Company Logo
How company name was kept Material used for product is up cycling Jean and their all come from South Auckland D.R.E.A.MDrive for the bestRecycle the rest

Efficiency is key

Aim to succeed

Make them believe


School bag covers
Short description about their product YES company producing & selling jandals made by up cycling jeans YES company producing & selling denim bags YES company producing & selling waterproof bag covers



Thanks for your support.

To the Mangere College community

Many of you will have seen the article on UE in the Saturday’s Herald. Below is the full text of the statement that I sent to the reporter:


While an article on UE vs L1 may be an interesting statistical exercise I would like to sound a word of caution.

As the Education Reporter you will know that nationally about 30% of school leavers each year head off to university. For this cohort of students an article on UE vs L1 may be of academic interest.

However for the majority of school leavers and their families a comparison of L2 vs L1 will be of more use, as the Government’s emphasis on the BPS targets clearly state that L2 is the desired entrance qualification for further tertiary study, training or for entering the work force.

Consequently I find it perplexing in 2015 that UE should still be seen as a desirable target for all senior secondary school students. Along with other educational administrations in the OECD New Zealand made a mistake in the 1980s and 90s in downplaying the vitality and importance of trades training and apprenticeships and it is well and truly time for this perceived primacy of UE to be placed in its proper perspective as the necessary qualification for only the 30% of our school leavers who are heading off to university.

At Mangere College we place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that each student is clear about their academic pathway through secondary school and also that each student is aware of the necessary qualifications that they need to attain to allow their particular pathway to be achieved.


John Heyes

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