Bring Your Own Device to Mangere College

Mangere College is now a BYOD school (Bring Your Own Device). We would like to encourage students to bring a device to class to support their learning in school and at home.

We have an arrangement with PB Tech who have a range of devices recommended for our school. They accept WINZ quotes as well as offering a range of finance options. Please check out our page on their website, as well as links to finance options.

We are a Google School therefore we would prefer students use a Chromebook, but a Windows device is also optional. What is required is the following:
*screen size of at least 11″ (inches)
* minimum 2GB Ram
* physical keyboard
* latest version Chrome browser installed
* battery life of at least 5 hours
* able to connect to a wireless network

Mangere College BYOD

PB Tech – Mangere College Page:
WINZ information: