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NCEA Exams 2020

Bring Your Own Device to Mangere College

Mangere College is now a BYOD school (Bring Your Own Device). We would like to encourage students to bring a device to class to support their learning in school and at home.

We have an arrangement with PB Tech who have a range of devices recommended for our school. They accept WINZ quotes as well as offering a range of finance options. Please check out our page on their website, as well as links to finance options.

We are a Google School therefore we would prefer students use a Chromebook, but a Windows device is also optional. What is required is the following:
*screen size of at least 11″ (inches)
* minimum 2GB Ram
* physical keyboard
* latest version Chrome browser installed
* battery life of at least 5 hours
* able to connect to a wireless network

Mangere College BYOD

PB Tech – Mangere College Page:
WINZ information:

Sir Keith Park Satellite Unit Coming to Mangere College

Proposed Alterations to establish Sir Keith Park Satellite Schoo
Proposed Alterations to establish Sir Keith Park Satellite Schoo
Proposed Alterations to establish Sir Keith Park Satellite Schoo
The students of Sir Keith Park School will soon be able to enjoy the facilities of Mangere College with a new Satellite Unit coming soon. The unit is currently in the planning stages and will take up the space at the end of S Block where we currently have our Senior Common Room and two classrooms.

The unit features three classroom spaces, office space for staff and a new toilet block. There will be space to accommodate up to 15 students. The timeframe for completion of the unit is unclear but we hope to have Sir Keith Park students at the school from the start of 2021. The introduction of the satellite unit is a perfect opportunity to create a partnership between the two schools and create greater understanding between the students. Our aim is that the new students will be fully integrated into Mangere College and will add to our vibrant, diverse culture here at the school.

Performing Arts Department Update – Term 1 2020

Here is an update of the Performing Arts Department from Term 1.

Our Performing Arts Department enjoyed a busy Term 1, with students settling into their dance, music and drama classes and itinerant music lessons.

Here are your Itinerant Tutors for 2020:

Wellbeing and Identity with LeVa

On Thursday 12th March, our Senior Assembly was treated to a presentation by the Atu Mai team from LeVa. Marina Alefosio, a talented spoken word poet opened up the presentation with a powerful piece that touched on the topics of culture, self-worth and identity. This was followed by an epic dance battle which saw three students walk away with a special prize pack.
Our Performing Arts students will be treated to two more workshops in the coming months – specifically designed to encourage our young creatives to embrace their roots, culture and talents, and will equip them with the tools to be effective performing artists.

Congratulations to Adyhana!

Congratulations to Adyhana Urika Filifilia who has been cast as the female lead in a new theatrical adaptation of “Aladdin”. This season was due to run through the Term 1 school holidays at the Mangere Arts Centre but has currently been put on hold.

Stay up-to-date with the latest information with the MC Performing Arts Instagram page – @mangerecollegeperformingarts

Farewell to Mr Lemoa Henry Sevesi Fesulua’i

Last term we sadly said farewell to Mr Fesulua’i.

Unfortunately due to the Covid Lockdown we were unable to farewell him properly, however his Level 3 Samoan students gave him a lovely farewell lunch.

Lemoa had been teaching for almost one year when he joined the Mangere College staff in 2009. His teaching subjects are gagana Samoa and English. Throughout his time at MC, Lemoa has been highly committed to engaging the students in their learning.

Some of the highlights for him have been the MC Malaga to Samoa, leading the Samoan group during Polyfest with many wins, the gardening activities during the Wider Living week and seeing the students achieving excellent knowledge of the Samoan language and culture.

He is leaving Mangere College to take up a position of Professional Teaching Fellow / Lecturer in Pacific Studies (Samoan) at the University of Auckland.

We wish him all the best and know that the University of Auckland will benefit highly from his knowledge and experience. Lemoa will be greatly missed by of our students and staff.

I le fa’aiuga o le masina o Mati, na faaiuina ai galuega fa’afaiaoga a le Tofa ia Lemoa H Fesuluai mai le tatou Kolisi ona o lona valaauina e avea ma Faiaoga i le gagana Samoa i le Iunivesite a Aukilani.

Sa lei mafai ona fai se fa’amavaega aloa’ia ma le Susuga i le faiaoga ona sa tapunia faatopetope le aoga ona o le fa’ama’i o le Covid 19. E ui i lea, sa taumafai lava vasega a Lemoa e faatino pea lo latou valevalealofa i le Susuga a le faiaoga.

O le a misia lava Lemoa e le Kolisi a Magele ae maise tama ma teine o loo a’oa’oina le gagana Samoa, faapea latou sa i le Kulupu Samoa.
Ia manuia lou vala’auina, foai e le Atua le malosi ma le atamai e fa’aauauina ai le galuega ua tofia oe e te galue ai.

Performing Arts Update Term 2

Sinarella Production
In the last two weeks of April, Year 11 student Adyhana Urika Filifilia performed as a part of the Sinarella Production at the Māngere Arts Centre.

Sinarella was a heartfelt twist on the fairy-tale story, Cinderella, performed with a South Auckland flavour. Not only was Adyhana a part of the ensemble cast, she also was featured as a vocal soloist in a pivotal part of the production, performing a stunning rendition of the song, “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Despite a demanding rehearsal schedule and a total of 15 public shows, Adyhana thrived in the spotlight and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Sinarella Production

APO Discovery Concert Trip
On Wednesday 1 May, 45 of our Year 10 Music students were treated to a Discovery Concert by the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra at the Auckland Town Hall.

They explored the importance of musical form and structure featuring works by Mozart, Beethoven, Faure and a piece written by APO Rising Star Young Composer of the year, Reuben Rameke. The musical journey our students were taken on was both inspirational and informative for their own compositional work in regard to how they might structure their own musical ideas. Significantly, they got to see the APO in all their glory and visit the glorious Town Hall venue: an experience that broadened many horizons.

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra

NZ Music Month 2019
Our music students were invited to perform for a special NZ Music Month Showcase Concert at Māngere East Library, on Tuesday 28 March.
It was a fantastic performance goal for our music students to work towards, and it was a fun and supportive platform for them to let their talent shine.
The audience was treated to a variety of performances by both junior and senior music students, including the ‘Dolce’ and ‘Local Vocals’ Vocal Quartets, VIA Trio, Noteworthy Choir and a beautiful guitar duo by Agnes Talataina and Esther Andrews.

D Block Refurbishment

This term, the refurbishment of the D Block art rooms were completed and we had a blessing of the rooms on Friday 24th of May from Matua Maehe. Mr Christo, Ms Wade and the Art students are enjoying the new working space.

MOE Learning Languages Newsletter – Samoan Language Week 2018

















Talofa, talofa, talofa lava.
O le viiga ma le fa’afetai i le Atua e le fa’aitiitia ona o mea matagofie
ma le matalasi ua ia faia. Ae fa’aagatonu se tautalaga i le autu ma le
manulauti o lenei tusitusiga.
E ese le matagofie o tapenapenaga a alo ma fanau mai aoga
maualuluga eseese i totonu nei i Aukilani. Sa fa’ate’ia le va’ai, na
lagona f’o’i le fiafia ma le fa’agae’etia ona o le finafinau o alo ma
fanau ia ina ia fa’aolaola le gagana i totonu o aoga aemaise o lenei
I le Aso Sa 27 Me, na tatala aloa’ia ai le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa i
le Kolisi o Southern Cross. Na fa’atumulia i aoga eseese, aemaise o
matua i le latou pitola’au o le lagolagosua. Sa matagofie le vaaiga i
lea aso, sa fa’agaeetia foi le to’atele ona o le maualuga o le tulaga na
o’o iai le fa’asoa a alo ma fanau. E moni lava na tutupu ma fananau
a’e i Aotearoa nei, peita’i olo’o tumau pea ia te’i latou le loto o le
finafinau ma le sogasoga ina ia mautu le gagana.
I tapenapenaga o le vaiaso, i totonu o si o’u laumua nei, matou
te fa’amanatu lava ma taumafai e saili se isi ituaiga fa’atinoga e
fa’alauiloa ai le vaiaso. Sa matou tapenaina mea’ai Samoa mo le
malu taeao mai le Aso Gafua seia paia le Aso Faraile, ae le gata i lea
o le fa’amatalaina o nisi o vaega o le aganu’u mo le fa’alauteleina o
le malamalama o nisi o faiaoga mai isi atunu’u.
Ao le aso Faraile 1 Iuni, na tapuni aloaia ai le vaiaso o le gagana
Samoa, ma fa’ailogaina fo’i i le aoga a
teine o le Kalama. Sa va’aia foi le tumu ma
ese fo’i le tapenaga o lea aso. Sa vaevae
i kulupu ma faia ai ni galuega fa’atino
aua le fa’alauteleina o le malamalama o
tamaiti i le oa o le gagana. O se tasi foi
o sui mai le kolisi o Magele sa fa’atino se
solo faitaga e fa’atatau i le autu o le aso e
fa’apea “ Alofa atu nei, alofa mai taeao”
By Jane Malauulu, Mangere College
Alofa atu nei, alofa mai taeao.
Se’eane laia i ou se’etaga malu,
Ae se’i ou tautala e fa’ailo ma toe fa’amanatu.
Le autu po’o le manulauti lele ua fa’ata’atia
O sou manatu ma so’u lagona o le’a folasia.
Le upu alofa e talalasi lona fa’amatalaina,
Le faasamoa, o fa’alapotopotoga, aoga aemaise o aiga.
Ae e fa’amamafa la’u talanoa i le alofa fa’atino i totonu o a’oga,
Le tomai ma le poto salalau lele ua saoasaoa lona fa’aaogaina.
Le alofa fa’aali i totonu o aoga, o le a lona uiga,
Lima foa’i, tautua punoua’i ma lou alofa le fa’atuaoia.
E moni lava o alo ma fanau mai atu motu eseese o le pasefika,
Peita’i o le alofa fa’asamoa e le fa’apito lona fa’atinoina.
O lou alofa fa’aali ma se mea lelei e te faia i totonu o lou
O le’a le galo lea i o matou loto ma agaga.
I totonu o aoga o se siosiomaga malu puipuia ma toe saogalemu,
O faiaoga i le latou matafaioi o le a’oa’o, ina ia maua le poto e
tautua ai atunu’u.
Alofa atu nei,alofa mai taeao,
Le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa ina ia uli ma sao.
Tama a tagata e fafaga i upu ma tala,
Aua o le Samoa moni lava e tauama i ana tu ma ana aga.
A’o se upu ua le tautamali’i i lau fa’afofogaaga,
Fa’amagalo se leo vaivai o le auauna.
Talosia ia maua se ai o lenei fa’atasiga,
Aua tupulaga fai a’e, ae tainane o nuu, ekalesia ma aiga.
E ese lota mimita ae vaai atu o sagisagi fiafia fanau e fia iloa le ta
gagana, aua fai mai upu a le atunu’u, “A leai se gagana, ua po le
nu’u. O se fa’amatalaga pu’upu’u lena e tusa foi ma lea fa’amoemoe
taua na feagai ai nisi o aoga maualuluga i totonu nei i Aukilani. Ou
te fa’amoemoe i le Tama o i le lagi na te fa’amatala ma fa’apupula
le aoga ma le taua o lea vaiaso i alo ma
fanau i totonu o Niu Sila nei i o outou loto
ma finagalo. Se fai mai e iloa lava le Samoa
i ana tu ma ana aga, a lea na fa’atino e alo
ma fanau ia i lea aso.
Se upu ua le tautamali’i i sau silasila,
fa’amagalo le auauna, leaga fai mai e poto
lava le tautai, ae iai lava le taimi e sasi ai.
Soifua ma ia manuia.
By Hannah Pio, Mangere College



NCEA Have your say

The Government has extended consultation on the NCEA Review until 19 October. We are particularly interested in hearing your views and working with teachers and leaders.

Please click on this link here to have your say:




Parent/Student/Teacher Meeting – 8 & 9 September 2016

We are holding our Parent/Student/Teacher meetings on Thursday and Friday this week.  
On Thursday 8 September the school will finish at 1:30pm to allow the meetings to begin at 3pm, and students will only need to attend school on Friday 9 September at the times of their PST meeting.


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