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YWCA visit our Yr 10 Finance class

Our Year 10 Finance classes were visited by Sau, Lucy and Bridget from YWCA on 19 November 2015.  It was a very valuable presentation, that taught our students how to be  – Money Savvy!!  They learned many things including:  the basics of how to stay out of debt (13% of 18-25 year olds are declared bankrupt), being aware of credit cards that will be offered to them once they turn 18, being aware of buy now pay later – which can turn out to be –  buy now, pay 4x as much!… scams!  And peer pressure from Facebook to purchase things they don’t need! The students learned to shop around for the best interest rate for their savings, planning for their retirement etc… The students realised what a lot of temptations they had to spend, spend, spend instead of save, save and invest.  Thank you YWCA for the lessons learnt.  Our Mangere College students are now a lot more Money Savvy!




Level 3 business studies

Three groups from level 3 business studies class have created their small business Facebook page to promote their products.

Below are the names and the links of their company Facebook pages:










YES Company Name JeanSouth D.R.E.A.M SHOKCOVERS
Company Logo
How company name was kept Material used for product is up cycling Jean and their all come from South Auckland D.R.E.A.MDrive for the bestRecycle the rest

Efficiency is key

Aim to succeed

Make them believe


School bag covers
Short description about their product YES company producing & selling jandals made by up cycling jeans YES company producing & selling denim bags YES company producing & selling waterproof bag covers



Thanks for your support.

Business Studies Presentation

Enterprise initiatives for Pasifika Students at Mangere College

We were privileged to have Paul Newsom, Relationship Manager – Schools from Young Enterprise Trust to do a presentation on YES to approximately 80 year 10 students. The presentation was assisted by the winners of the 2011 YES Excellence in Pasifika Business Award Social Marketing Team(current university students).
The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and emanated with various creative ideas on how they could create a product. The group work motivated them to share their ideas in front of their peers and they were totally engaged for the whole session.
We are hoping to develop this passion into Young Enterprise Scheme YES in the near future so that students can take ownership of their learning and become successful entrepreneurs.

Visit from CEO of ANZ

On October 31 David Hisco, the CEO of ANZ  and National bank NZ visited Mangere college and gave an inspirational speech to about 70 students  from various year levels on the importance of saving and 5 most important facts one needs to know about money.

The presentation took place at the school library. The students listened to his speech with keen interest and asked thought provoking questions.  David was thrilled to see the student’s enthusiasm and edge to learn more about money and he thoroughly appreciated his time at the school.

It was a stimulating session with lots of interaction with students and this was perceived as a great opportunity for our students to interact with a person of this calibre.

I am confident that students will take heed of what they have learnt and will be sensible spenders.