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Brainwave Workshops


Brainwave is a charitable trust who educates students, parents and professionals about brain development from conception through the early years and into adolescence.

A child’s brain grows more in their first few years than it will at any other time in their life; we understand very clearly that early experiences can help set up strong or fragile foundations for later learning, behaviour and health. Adolescence is also a time for significant brain development.

All Brainwave programmes are backed up by solid science and research and delivered at Mangere College by two educators; a teacher and a paediatric nurse with over 30 years’ experience.

Many students have younger siblings; some are beginning to babysit. Many will be the parents of the future. The knowledge that they absorb through this engaging, interactive programme is very empowering. Each and every one of them can make a real difference.

Ask your son or daughter what they have learned. And please visit our website for more information:

Feedback from some Mangere College students:

“I will share this vital information”

“Very important for future generations to live a happy and healthy life”

“I loved the programme, it was fun”

“Never ever shake a baby”

“It has made me more aware of how fragile a baby is”

“What we learnt is actually really important”

“To be more loving and make sure whoever is having a baby does not drink, smoke or take drugs”

“Before I thought the brain wasn’t very important. But now I know a lot more about how important the brain is for babies and us”

“This programme has made a huge difference to me”

“I loved this experience and didn’t want it to end”

“One day I could be a father and have a family and when I do have a baby I can use this information I have learned to be a great father”

“It was good because it made me think about how I can take care of my own brain”