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Variety of Chefs cook with Mangere College students


Every year before the SkyCity Variety of Chefs event, the chefs visit a local school and spend the morning cooking with a group of Variety kids.

This year, Chefs Nic, Monique and Hayden came to Mangere College, where they foraged with the students in the garden before cooking some amazing omelettes.

The final results were delicious, and only using a few vegetables and eggs.

Brainwave Workshops


Brainwave is a charitable trust who educates students, parents and professionals about brain development from conception through the early years and into adolescence.

A child’s brain grows more in their first few years than it will at any other time in their life; we understand very clearly that early experiences can help set up strong or fragile foundations for later learning, behaviour and health. Adolescence is also a time for significant brain development.

All Brainwave programmes are backed up by solid science and research and delivered at Mangere College by two educators; a teacher and a paediatric nurse with over 30 years’ experience.

Many students have younger siblings; some are beginning to babysit. Many will be the parents of the future. The knowledge that they absorb through this engaging, interactive programme is very empowering. Each and every one of them can make a real difference.

Ask your son or daughter what they have learned. And please visit our website for more information:

Feedback from some Mangere College students:

“I will share this vital information”

“Very important for future generations to live a happy and healthy life”

“I loved the programme, it was fun”

“Never ever shake a baby”

“It has made me more aware of how fragile a baby is”

“What we learnt is actually really important”

“To be more loving and make sure whoever is having a baby does not drink, smoke or take drugs”

“Before I thought the brain wasn’t very important. But now I know a lot more about how important the brain is for babies and us”

“This programme has made a huge difference to me”

“I loved this experience and didn’t want it to end”

“One day I could be a father and have a family and when I do have a baby I can use this information I have learned to be a great father”

“It was good because it made me think about how I can take care of my own brain”

Sandwich Making

Sandwich day 17th Sept 2012
This was a great opportunity for Health Council members to provide a Healthy sandwich “subway style “to students. The Health Council all helped out and enjoyed using  the Gazebo for the first time. This is the second successful sandwich day this term. Thank you to Counties Manukau District Health Board for this HEHA funding.
Thank you Health Council members who worked hard to make these events a success.

Sandwich Making Competition 10th Sept 2012

Thank you to the “teachers” and “students” and members of the drama club who made up the promotional video for the school, BEFORE the Sandwich competition…..
Sandwich making competition day was fun.
This event was held in the Hotspot. The Health Council was supported by Herman Arp who was the M.C.
We had 5 great guest celebrity judges. Jo Naufahu and fellow celebrity Carolyn who is an actor personal trainer and previously a professional rugby player, Jay Tewake and Melissa from Maori TV (KA TV) “Explosive” Joseph Parker, thank you too!
We had a Soccer team, Student Leaders’ team, Health Council Team and the Volleyball Team. Who won? The Soccer Team. Well done boys! Thank you to the other teams who participated and hopefully had fun too.
All the sandwich fillings were healthy, had varied content and great original presentation style too. Thank you to the competitors’ judges and audience.
All students present, were given fresh fruit to enjoy afterwards.

Healthy Living at M.C Update- Sept

Healthy Living at M.C.

The Health Council held a Healthy sandwich day on 13th August which was a success! The Healthy sandwiches were free and well enjoyed by many students.

The students were supported by two former Student Leaders and Health Council members from last year, Mamia Opu’u and Sineva Purcell.  Thank you girls for your help.

M.C Garden Update
Four fruit trees were donated on 29th August by the Auckland City Council. The school garden now has a Pear, Apple, Plum and another Mandarin tree for the school orchard.

They are great specimen trees and will bear fruit this season. The students enjoyed a practical gardening session from Paul, who planted the trees with the students’ help.

Coming up

Monday 10th September at lunchtime.

The Health Council is presenting a sandwich making competition in the Hot Spot. There will be secret celebrity judges and a chance to win a prize if you are a contestant!

Healthy Living at M.C Update

Healthy Living @ M.C Update

Thank you to Counties Manukau District Health Board for their contribution of the Fonua Mo’ui Pacific Healthy Lifestyles Community Grant which has enabled Healthy Living @MC to become a reality to the students, staff and community of Mangere.

This grant has enabled Mangere College to obtain more sports equipment, gardening materials and also a water cooler and water fountains for the College.

Gardening Update

If you are looking for some garden space, some gardening advice, and the skills necessary to grow your own organic vegetables, and of course the possibility to take home some fresh vegetables feel free to join us Wednesdays 2.20pm to 4pm in the school garden and Saturdays 1.30pm -3pm.

The garden is growing fast. We have had our water tank delivered and installed in the garden. We have started the year with a few dedicated gardeners so feel free to come and make part of our garden yours.

Our garden project is supported by Diabetes Trust Gardens 4 Health Advisor David Avery. Please feel free to attend our weekend gardening sessions. Saturday sessions are from 1.30pm to 3pm. Snack provided afterwards.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is being offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am to 8.45am. Free breakfast for any student in Student Services Family room

Sports Activities

Extra sports activities will be run by the PE team, To be announced. Starting time for these activities will be 1.30 pm.

Zumba Group X  This  will be a Friday lunchtime session now as the lunchtimes have been extended to 40 minutes. Free to students, staff and families.

This activity will be in the hall. Frst day will be 10th August, start time 1.30pm.


Water Fountains and Water Cooler

Mangere College now has a plumbed, chilled water cooler in the Student Services Centre. The students are encouraged to bring and fill their own drink containers. Three new water fountains have been placed near the gymnasium for Students to use after PE.

All students should recieve a water bottle this year. the students have been asked to name their bottle and use it while at school.


Mangere College has two FACEBOOK pages

Mangere College Health Council– This as a communication tool for health matters. It is a social networking site where students, staff and parents can interact and also find out about health news and events related to Health Council activities such as Breakfast Club, gardening and any other special health events.

Living well @MC– This is a restricted site. It is aimed at giving health related messages for students who would like confidential Healthy Living advice. Advice may be such as tips for healthy exercise, eating and food labelling advice. It would be great to get this site fully underway. Advice is given by Nurses, Nutritionists and other Health related professionals.

Thank you to everyone – staff, students and parents who have assisted and participated in any part of this project. It is always inspiring to be able to be part of a great activity which has instilled lifelong health habits and ensures we all live to our potential.