NCEA: Shining examples

But for schools such as Mangere College, where this year level one results have improved by 70 per cent – seeing 65 per cent of students pass – it is the result of a long campaign.

Mangere College principal John Heyes said its improvement had been tracking upwards for 12 years.

He said the school had actively sought external support in its staff pedagogical development and also enlisted focused help for its students from outside mentors including the University of Auckland.

“Since 2010, we have worked with the University of Auckland in the Starpath Project, which has seen us place increased emphasis on the academic counselling work that we provide our students,” Mr Heyes said.

The Starpath Project was launched in 2005 to help secondary school students who were not meeting the criteria to get into university. The initiative has a particular focus on improving results among Maori and Pasifika pupils and students from poorer backgrounds.

Mr Heyes said: “We’ve also revised the way we report to our parental community – holding parent/ student/ teacher conferences led by our form teachers.”