Student Leaders 2020


Support for students


Student Services’ Centre

The Student Services’ Centre is staffed by a Guidance Counsellor, Registered Nurses, a Community Liaison Officer, a Social Worker and a Receptionist. The Centre is open every day and provides a free service to Mangere College students. Student Services promote the health and well-being of students at Mangere College so they can reach their academic and personal potential.

Guidance Counsellor

Ph – 09 275 4029 ext 127
The Guidance counsellor provides confidential and on-going support to students and works with other staff to ensure that the pastoral needs of students are met.


Our Registered Nurses provide a confidential walk-in clinic for students during the school day. They also offer full health assessments to all Year 9 students. Other health services available on site are a visiting physiotherapist, GP and Asthma Nurse Specialist.

School Social Worker

Ph – 09 275 4029 ext 129
Promotes the safety of young people in their family circumstances, supporting improvement in their social and educational outcomes.

Community Liaison Person (CLO)

Our Community Liaison Person (CLO) visits families to check on non-attending students and generally provides an effective link between family and school.

Support numbers

If you believe that you or someone else is in immediate danger call: POLICE ON 111
Lifeline 0800-543354 (open 24/7)
Suicide Crisis Helpline 0508-828865 (open 24/7)
Youthline 0800-376633 (open 24/7) or text 234 from 8am-midnight
Kidsline 0800-543754 (open 24/7)
0800 WHATSUP helpline, 0800-9428787 (1-10pm weekdays and 3-10pm weekends)
Leva: supporting Pasifika families and communities in health and well-being