To the Mangere College community

Many of you will have seen the article on UE in the Saturday’s Herald. Below is the full text of the statement that I sent to the reporter:


While an article on UE vs L1 may be an interesting statistical exercise I would like to sound a word of caution.

As the Education Reporter you will know that nationally about 30% of school leavers each year head off to university. For this cohort of students an article on UE vs L1 may be of academic interest.

However for the majority of school leavers and their families a comparison of L2 vs L1 will be of more use, as the Government’s emphasis on the BPS targets clearly state that L2 is the desired entrance qualification for further tertiary study, training or for entering the work force.

Consequently I find it perplexing in 2015 that UE should still be seen as a desirable target for all senior secondary school students. Along with other educational administrations in the OECD New Zealand made a mistake in the 1980s and 90s in downplaying the vitality and importance of trades training and apprenticeships and it is well and truly time for this perceived primacy of UE to be placed in its proper perspective as the necessary qualification for only the 30% of our school leavers who are heading off to university.

At Mangere College we place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that each student is clear about their academic pathway through secondary school and also that each student is aware of the necessary qualifications that they need to attain to allow their particular pathway to be achieved.


John Heyes