YWCA visit our Yr 10 Finance class

Our Year 10 Finance classes were visited by Sau, Lucy and Bridget from YWCA on 19 November 2015.  It was a very valuable presentation, that taught our students how to be  – Money Savvy!!  They learned many things including:  the basics of how to stay out of debt (13% of 18-25 year olds are declared bankrupt), being aware of credit cards that will be offered to them once they turn 18, being aware of buy now pay later – which can turn out to be –  buy now, pay 4x as much!… scams!  And peer pressure from Facebook to purchase things they don’t need! The students learned to shop around for the best interest rate for their savings, planning for their retirement etc… The students realised what a lot of temptations they had to spend, spend, spend instead of save, save and invest.  Thank you YWCA for the lessons learnt.  Our Mangere College students are now a lot more Money Savvy!