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Mangere College is a school at the heart of its community. The board and staff celebrate the school’s multicultural composition. In particular, the school acknowledges the significant pasifika student community, and staff emphasise a strong sense of whanau, aiga and family within the college.

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Performing Arts Update Term 2

Posted by on Jul 4, 2019 in Art | Comments Off on Performing Arts Update Term 2

Sinarella Production In the last two weeks of April, Year 11 student Adyhana Urika Filifilia performed as a part of the Sinarella Production at the Māngere Arts Centre. Sinarella was a heartfelt twist on the fairy-tale story, Cinderella, performed with a South Auckland flavour. Not only was Adyhana a part of the ensemble cast, she also was featured as a vocal soloist in a pivotal part of the production, performing a stunning rendition of the song, “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Despite a demanding rehearsal schedule and a total of 15 public shows, Adyhana thrived in the spotlight and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. APO Discovery Concert Trip On Wednesday 1 May, 45 of our Year 10 Music students were treated to a Discovery Concert by the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra at the Auckland Town Hall. They explored the importance of musical form and structure featuring works by Mozart, Beethoven, Faure and a piece written by APO Rising Star Young Composer of the year, Reuben Rameke. The musical journey our students were taken on was both inspirational and informative for their own compositional work in regard to how they might structure their own musical ideas. Significantly, they got to see the APO in all their glory and visit the glorious Town Hall venue: an experience that broadened many horizons. NZ Music Month 2019 Our music students were invited to perform for a special NZ Music Month Showcase Concert at Māngere East Library, on Tuesday 28 March. It was a fantastic performance goal for our music students to work towards, and it was a fun and supportive platform for them to let their talent shine. The audience was treated to a variety of performances by both junior and senior music students, including the ‘Dolce’ and ‘Local Vocals’ Vocal Quartets, VIA Trio, Noteworthy Choir and a beautiful guitar duo by Agnes Talataina and Esther...

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D Block Refurbishment

Posted by on Jul 4, 2019 in Art | Comments Off on D Block Refurbishment

This term, the refurbishment of the D Block art rooms were completed and we had a blessing of the rooms on Friday 24th of May from Matua Maehe. Mr Christo, Ms Wade and the Art students are enjoying the new working...

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Variety of Chefs cook with Mangere College students

Posted by on Sep 5, 2018 in Healthy Living, Technology | Comments Off on Variety of Chefs cook with Mangere College students

Every year before the SkyCity Variety of Chefs event, the chefs visit a local school and spend the morning cooking with a group of Variety kids. This year, Chefs Nic, Monique and Hayden came to Mangere College, where they foraged with the students in the garden before cooking some amazing omelettes. The final results were delicious, and only using a few vegetables and...

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MOE Learning Languages Newsletter – Samoan Language Week 2018

Posted by on Aug 13, 2018 in Art | Comments Off on MOE Learning Languages Newsletter – Samoan Language Week 2018

                                Talofa, talofa, talofa lava. O le viiga ma le fa’afetai i le Atua e le fa’aitiitia ona o mea matagofie ma le matalasi ua ia faia. Ae fa’aagatonu se tautalaga i le autu ma le manulauti o lenei tusitusiga. E ese le matagofie o tapenapenaga a alo ma fanau mai aoga maualuluga eseese i totonu nei i Aukilani. Sa fa’ate’ia le va’ai, na lagona f’o’i le fiafia ma le fa’agae’etia ona o le finafinau o alo ma fanau ia ina ia fa’aolaola le gagana i totonu o aoga aemaise o lenei atunu’u. I le Aso Sa 27 Me, na tatala aloa’ia ai le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa i le Kolisi o Southern Cross. Na fa’atumulia i aoga eseese, aemaise o matua i le latou pitola’au o le lagolagosua. Sa matagofie le vaaiga i lea aso, sa fa’agaeetia foi le to’atele ona o le maualuga o le tulaga na o’o iai le fa’asoa a alo ma fanau. E moni lava na tutupu ma fananau a’e i Aotearoa nei, peita’i olo’o tumau pea ia te’i latou le loto o le finafinau ma le sogasoga ina ia mautu le gagana. I tapenapenaga o le vaiaso, i totonu o si o’u laumua nei, matou te fa’amanatu lava ma taumafai e saili se isi ituaiga fa’atinoga e fa’alauiloa ai le vaiaso. Sa matou tapenaina mea’ai Samoa mo le malu taeao mai le Aso Gafua seia paia le Aso Faraile, ae le gata i lea o le fa’amatalaina o nisi o vaega o le aganu’u mo le fa’alauteleina o le malamalama o nisi o faiaoga mai isi atunu’u. Ao le aso Faraile 1 Iuni, na tapuni aloaia ai le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa, ma fa’ailogaina fo’i i le aoga a teine o le Kalama. Sa va’aia foi le tumu ma ese fo’i le tapenaga o lea aso. Sa vaevae i kulupu ma faia ai ni galuega fa’atino aua le fa’alauteleina o le malamalama o tamaiti i le oa o le gagana. O se tasi foi o sui mai le kolisi o Magele sa fa’atino se solo faitaga e fa’atatau i le autu o le aso e fa’apea “ Alofa atu nei, alofa mai taeao” By Jane Malauulu, Mangere College Alofa atu nei, alofa mai taeao. Se’eane laia i ou se’etaga malu, Ae se’i ou tautala e fa’ailo ma toe fa’amanatu. Le autu po’o le manulauti lele ua fa’ata’atia O sou manatu ma so’u lagona o le’a folasia. Le upu alofa e talalasi lona fa’amatalaina, Le faasamoa, o fa’alapotopotoga, aoga aemaise o aiga. Ae e fa’amamafa la’u talanoa i le alofa fa’atino i totonu o a’oga, Le tomai ma le poto salalau lele ua saoasaoa lona fa’aaogaina. Le alofa fa’aali i totonu o aoga, o le a lona uiga, Lima foa’i, tautua punoua’i ma lou alofa le fa’atuaoia. E moni lava o alo ma fanau mai atu motu eseese o le pasefika, Peita’i o le alofa fa’asamoa e le fa’apito lona fa’atinoina. O lou alofa fa’aali ma se mea lelei e te faia i totonu o lou si’osi’omaga, O le’a le galo lea i o matou loto ma agaga. I totonu o aoga o se siosiomaga malu puipuia ma toe saogalemu, O faiaoga i le latou matafaioi o...

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NCEA Have your say

Posted by on Aug 1, 2018 in Art | Comments Off on NCEA Have your say

The Government has extended consultation on the NCEA Review until 19 October. We are particularly interested in hearing your views and working with teachers and leaders. Please click on this link here to have your say:    ...

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Haere rā e te piki kōtuku, Hone Green

Posted by on Aug 1, 2018 in Haere Ra | Comments Off on Haere rā e te piki kōtuku, Hone Green

Haere rā e te piki kōtuku, Hone Green

It is with great sadness that the Mangere College community has received the news of the recent passing of Matua Hone Green in Opotiki, and this deep loss cannot go without acknowledgement. Hone started at Mangere College in 1972, the year the school was officially opened, as an Assistant Teacher in Social Studies, English, Maori and Polynesian Studies. In 1973 he was appointed Head of the Maori Department and in 1974, the Dean of Form 3. Hone was integral in establishing Te Reo and Tikanga Maori at the school and promoting it in the wider community, as well as exposing the students to a world outside their own backyard. This resulted in Te Reo being taught by Maori students to Arahanga Intermediate classes and at night school for the community. The Maori Club went on the road which took them to Tongariro and Opotiki in 1974 and the South Island in 1981. Hone also played an important role in setting up the Polynesian Club which grew in numbers to 180 under his guidance and travelled the North Island. In 1976, the club gained 1st place in the first ever Auckland Secondary Schools’ Polyfest at Hillary College and again in 1977 when Mangere College was the host school. At the time both schools were acknowledged for their leadership in multiculturalism. Hone went on leave to complete his University Studies in 1977, returning in 1979. Then in 1988, he left Mangere College to take up the position of Principal at Nga Tapuwae College. In the 1977 magazine, the following was written of Matua Hone Green: ‘His voice is seldom raised, he is never seen posturing or gloomy and there is no entry for ‘cruelty’ or ‘whining’ in his dictionary. His strength is of an unassuming kind, a blend of spirit and experience, of being a good community man, one who will take a microphone without rehearsal and be the master of ceremonies or a guitarist and join the chorus. With equal willingness, he will pick up a shovel and help pour concrete into a neighbour’s foundations, he is a man of two cultures – a true New Zealander.‘ Hone Green was a mighty figure, a man of mana and quiet dignity. When he spoke one felt compelled to listen. He was one of the MC greats and will be sorely missed. The Mangere College family remembers him with love and offers deepest condolences to his whanau. Nō reira e te matua, haere atu ki a rātou kua taka i mua i a...

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Metalwork at Mangere College

Posted by on Mar 12, 2018 in Technology | Comments Off on Metalwork at Mangere College

Mr Breetvelt’s year 11 class project is a heavy duty, long shank screwdriver. This project involves threading the shank, working an acrylic and brass handle on the engineers lathe, heat and press a flat head, mill a slotted handle and tempering the flat head tip.     Students keep their finished product and it will likely last them a lifetime....

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Queen Shirl’e Composition Workshops

Posted by on Feb 26, 2018 in Music | Comments Off on Queen Shirl’e Composition Workshops

The Mangere College Performing Arts Department welcomed Queen Shirl’e today as she introduced students to a new initiative that she is delivering at the Mangere town centre library. Students will be given mentoring in composition, songwriting and invaluable music industry knowledge. Please note, parent/caregivers permission is required to attend. Please see Mr Pearson or Mr Euden for application forms.       Pathways to Performing Arts – 4 Week Programme Composition workshops with Queen Shirl’e When: Friday 3:30pm to 5pm, 2nd March, 9th March, 16th March and 24th March. Where: Mangere Town Centre Library More...

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Brainwave Workshops

Posted by on Feb 19, 2018 in Healthy Living, Science | Comments Off on Brainwave Workshops

Brainwave is a charitable trust who educates students, parents and professionals about brain development from conception through the early years and into adolescence. A child’s brain grows more in their first few years than it will at any other time in their life; we understand very clearly that early experiences can help set up strong or fragile foundations for later learning, behaviour and health. Adolescence is also a time for significant brain development. All Brainwave programmes are backed up by solid science and research and delivered at Mangere College by two educators; a teacher and a paediatric nurse with over 30 years’ experience. Many students have younger siblings; some are beginning to babysit. Many will be the parents of the future. The knowledge that they absorb through this engaging, interactive programme is very empowering. Each and every one of them can make a real difference. Ask your son or daughter what they have learned. And please visit our website for more information: Feedback from some Mangere College students: “I will share this vital information” “Very important for future generations to live a happy and healthy life” “I loved the programme, it was fun” “Never ever shake a baby” “It has made me more aware of how fragile a baby is” “What we learnt is actually really important” “To be more loving and make sure whoever is having a baby does not drink, smoke or take drugs” “Before I thought the brain wasn’t very important. But now I know a lot more about how important the brain is for babies and us” “This programme has made a huge difference to me” “I loved this experience and didn’t want it to end” “One day I could be a father and have a family and when I do have a baby I can use this information I have learned to be a great father” “It was good because it made me think about how I can take care of my own...

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Welcome New Students

Posted by on Feb 19, 2018 in Events | Comments Off on Welcome New Students

Mangere College has welcomed our new intake of students for 2018. Staff returning to Mangere College and our new intake of students are both enjoying the start of the year. The staff and students are looking forward to the challenges and rewards of a years hard work. Pictured below are 9PS Students enjoying icebreaker activities in their first week....

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